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What I love about Internet Marketing is that there is always more to learn. It satisfies my curious nature!  Check out my nuggets of wisdom, tips, techniques, and some very speccy deals. Ask me about getting online, becoming better at internet marketing, email marketing, list building, copywriting and product creation.  http://redhotinternetmarketing.com


I LOVE writing. Ever noticed you adapt to the style of writing required at the time?  Academic, business, technical, even creative when I was an Advertising Copywriter.  These days I write for the web! I intend to step back into my creative mode –  and publish more of my writings!  Ask me about writing or publishing or authority as an author.   http://melaniedayauthor.com

“I’ve always found Mel to be engaging, inspiring and ready to help. She is full of actionable ideas and is quite cluey about so many things.  What I especially like are her humor and enthusiasm. She also has some great resources she is prepared to share. Mel has really made my life easier!” – Caroline Mustafa

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